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Small Business Owner Offers Advice for Aspiring Business Owners

Quantum Health, LLC. was founded in 1999 by Kara Trott to help self-insured employers reduce health-care costs. Over the past five years, Quantum Health has held participating employers annual cost increases to just 5 percent to 6 percent, approximately one-third of the national average. Quantum has grown over the past few years and currently employs 40 people.

When asked how the business had affected her life, Trott responded "What life?" She said she has devoted long hours to making the business successful, but as a result of an SBA loan she has been able to hire some key people and this allows her to live a slightly more normal life.

When asked what made her business successful she said "optimism and perseverance mixed with a dose of realism."

Her advice to those thinking about going into business: "Make sure you are passionate about what you want to do."


Owner of Oak Tree Communications, LLC Named 2nd Runner-up for Cincinnati SCORE Chapter Client of the Year

Oak Tree Communications, LLC is a West Chester, Ohio publicity and public relations company.

Owned by Melinda Zemper, the firm specializes in writing and editing, media relations, strategic planning, event and campaign planning and project management.

Melinda describes her SCORE counselor, Bob Wiwi, as “the best possible mentor and guide” as she started her own business. With Bob’s help and guidance, she created a business plan, incorporated Oak Tree, developed short and long term goals and a task list.

Regular meetings with Wiwi allowed them to monitor her progress on developing the company. He provided guidance and encouragement throughout the process.

In less than a year, Oak Tree has a solid base of clients. “With the organizational foundation Bob helped me create, I can concentrate on clients, not the business process. We still meet regularly to connect and he always has valuable observations or advice to offer.” Zemper says.

Picture of David Anderson, Owner of CPA Company

Working Hard on the Road to Success

After graduating from the University of Tennessee with honors in accounting, Anderson moved to Columbus and worked for various accounting firms. He realized, however, that he wouldn't be truly satisfied until he started his own business. About 11 years ago, with the help of a working capital loan guaranteed by SBA, he did just that.

He says his company, which currently employees five people, provides all CPA services except auditing.

Anderson paid off the original loan about five years ago, and four years ago obtained another SBA-backed loan to upgrade his computer and office equipment.

He advises potential business owners to consult with professionals before making major decisions, and lauds the freedom and flexibility of being an entrepreneur.

"I don't work less hours but I have more flexibility. I would go into business again without hesitation, despite the hard work."

He adds that staying in tune with customer needs is vital to success.

"This article and the accompanying photograph do not constitute or imply an endorsement by SBA of any opinions, products or services of any private individual or entity."

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