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CEO and President of Edoc Named 1st Runner-up for Cincinnati SCORE Client of the Year

CEO and President Jim Mullaney first met with his SCORE counselor, Ralph Lowenstein, in 1998 seeking advice about how to grow his business.

Initial work focused on creating a business plan to guide future growth. However, Ralph and Jim covered a wide range of topics including financial reviews, human resource issues and marketing.

As a result of Mullaney’s focus on the development of his business model, Edoc found a unique niche and is a very profitable, growing firm.

Mullaney views SCORE, and his counselor Ralph in particular, as an important business partner. He said, “I have great confidence in the services provided by SCORE. They helped me cover a lot of ground throughout the development and evolution of Electronic Document Services (Edoc). In fact, I still rely on them—I don’t make any significant decisions without discussing them with my SCORE counselor.”


Cliffs Lake and Shrimp Ranch

Owned and operated by Nathan Hogue and Waite Frye, Cliff's Lake is a pay lake and bait house business located in Scioto County. Although business was good, Nathan and Waite foresaw the need to diversify their business into a multiple enterprise operation in order to continue to be profitable.

One area they were interested in exploring was aquaculture. With water resources already on site, they sought a way to effectively use those resources. Nathan and Waite partnered with the OSU South Centers SBDC and Aquaculture Program and soon became collaborators on a funded research project. The project involved adopting technology for freshwater prawn production - developed in Kentucky - to farms in Southern Ohio. After a successful fall harvest, they have plans to further expand their shrimp and catfish culture operation. They have even changed their name to Cliff's Lake and Shrimp Ranch.

Clientele repeatedly commented on the scenic location of the pay lake and the myriad of business and recreational opportunities that it could provide. Nathan and Waite wanted to explore other opportunities to utilize their existing resources and soon began meeting with the SBDC counselors at the OSU South Centers. During consultations, they accessed technology at the South Centers' Learning Center enabling them to get current information geared toward their entrepreneurial efforts. They currently are expanding their operation to include camping, an RV park and a pumpkin patch. They plan to utilize small farm technologies developed at Ohio State University in order to enhance their success.

Due in part to the positive impact of technology transfer and the Ohio SBDC small business counseling, we can all look forward to the annual Shrimp Festival at Cliff's Lake and Shrimp Ranch each fall.

The Ohio SBDC at the OSU South Centers works with a variety of businesses, including forestry and other agribusiness. Other success stories include a farmer who added a rotating trellis for his blackberry operation and doubled his production! With technology tested at the OSU South Centers and transferred to local agribusinesses, through the help of the Ohio SBDC team, new and existing business owners reap the rewards of a positive bottom line. Additional Information: Portsmouth, OH 45662 740-776-1010

"This article and the accompanying photograph do not constitute or imply an endorsement by SBA of any opinions, products or services of any private individual or entity."

Vertical Horizons One, Inc.

Daily Reporter 03/10/06.

After serving nearly 20 years in the military, David Tibbs established Vertical Horizons One, Inc. in 2001 to perform studies and analyses for government and other nonprofit organizations.

Tibbs, chairman and chief executive officer of the company, said he did so simply because he believed it was his duty.

'My father, a former Tuskeegee Airman, instilled in me that service to one's country and to your fellow man was what life was all about,' Tibbs said, adding that he saw a need to improve public-sector management.

VHO provides research and development services such as Web-based security, laser hardened materials, heavy engineering, and health sciences.

Tibbs said he has received tremendous support from the SBA.

'VHO is part of the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program, and SBA has been very supportive in providing timely information and guidance. SBA helped steer us on the right path toward progress and achievement of our goals.'

While the constant speed of change in the technology industry and security clearances affect his business greatly, he knows that success is found through preparation and patience.

'My father once told me: 'One of the most difficult things to learn in this life is patience.' I believe in setting up a program and doing those things that need to be done each day. If something occurs that you consider a delay, try to learn from it and get back on your schedule,' Tibbs said.

As a business owner, he likes being able to set his own hours, but dislikes 'the amount of administrative effort involved with obtaining the government security clearances.'

All in all, though, business - and life - are good.

'I am excited to get up every morning and my life has greatly improved. I have the opportunity to choose the hours that I work - however, I have increased stress which isn't helped by the fact that it is more difficult to get to the gym.'

"This article and the accompanying photograph do not constitute or imply an endorsement by SBA of any opinions, products or services of any private individual or entity."

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