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Clusters FAQs

  1. How can requests for payments be made?

    Payments can be received either through reimbursement or advance; the Recipient must complete and submit a signed SF 270 (“Request for Advance or Reimbursement”).

  2. Is the SF-270 the only document that must be submitted to receive a payment under this award?

    No. The Recipient must also attach a Detailed Expenditures Worksheet providing a narrative explanation for all funds requested, along with a PDF file of the Financial Federal Report (SF-425) and associated quarterly progress reports.

    Once the SBA has received your signed and completed SF-270, Detailed Expenditure Worksheet, corresponding quarterly progress reports, and completed SF-425, we can process your invoice for payment.  Please note that failure to send payment requests and reporting documents in the manner described above will cause substantial delay in the processing of your request.

  3. What is a Detailed Expenditures Worksheet?

    The Detailed Expenditures Worksheet provides a written explanation of how the funds were used.  All costs must be in line with the approved budget, to include personnel and salaries.  The expenditure worksheet must also list the names of the individuals whose salaries are being charged to the grant. 

  4. What is included in the Quarterly Progress Reports?

    The quarterly progress report is a project update to SBA.  The report should document the progress toward the activities, outcomes and outputs outlined in your Integrated Work Plan.  The quarterly progress reports should consist:

    • Page 1 of Standard Form PERFORMANCE PROGRESS REPORT “SF-PPR”.  Blocks 1-12 must be filled out.
    • For block #10 you may refer to an attachment.
    • The attachment must be a narrative which documents the progress towards the activities, outcomes and outputs outlined in the grantee’s Integrated Work Plan (IWP). The narrative can be written in any format, including the suggested IWP template.  While it is not required, grantees are encouraged to report their quarterly progress using the IWP template.   
  5. Will my SF-270 be processed if SBA does not receive a quarterly progress report at the same time the SF-270 is provided?

    No.  The quarterly progress report must accompany the SF-270 with the other required documentation outlined above before SBA can begin payment review and processing.

  6. To whom should I submit a request for advance or reimbursement (SF-270) and supporting documentation?

    Going forward, you should submit all requests for advance or reimbursement of funds, along with supporting documentation, to the following email address:

  7. How often can I submit an SF-270 for reimbursement?

    The SF-270 is required to be submitted quarterly.   NOTE: please ensure that the correct time period is listed in Block 8 of the form.

  8. Is there an identifying number that is used on the SF-270?

    Yes. Please use the Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number from Block 2 and Administrative codes from Block 7 of the Notice of Award.  Enter the Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number in Block 4 (Federal Grant or other Identifying Number Assigned) and Administrative codes in Block 7 (Recipient’s Account Number or Identifying Number) on the SF-270.  NOTE:  Please ensure that the Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number corresponds with the grant year for which you are requesting reimbursement

  9. My organization needs an advance, is an approval required?

    Requests for advance of Federal funds are submitted using the SF-270 and Detailed Expenditure Worksheet “Estimates”.   The Grants Officer Technical Representative (GOTR) must recommend approval and forwarded to the Grants Management Officer (GMO) for approval and disbursement.

  10. Are there any conditions associated with an advanced?

    Yes.  Advances are limited to the minimum amounts needed and must be timed to be in accordance with the actual, immediate cash requirements of the Recipient in carrying out the purpose of the grant.   Also, the Recipient must deposit and maintain advances of Federal funds in interest-bearing, FDIC-insured accounts. Recipients are encouraged to use banks that are at least 50% owned by women or minorities.

  11. What happens if my organization does not fully expend the advance payment?

    If the Recipient does not fully expend advance payments within 30 calendar days of disbursement by SBA, it must promptly refund any remaining amounts to the GMO. 

  12. Can all of the federal funding be drawn down at once?

    No.  Federal funds should be drawn down only as required to meet estimated or actual expenditures.   NOTE:  Recipients must make every effort to avoid accumulating Federal cash balances that earn interest.  The holding of Federal cash in excess of current disbursement needs is contrary to the objectives of the Federal Financial System.

  13. What happens to interest that is earned on Federal funds?

    The recipient must remit annually interest earned on Federal advances deposited in interest bearing accounts in accordance with 2 CFR Section 215.22 or 13 CFR Section 143.21(i).

  14. If I have a problem with my payment or a question about the grant what should I do?

    All questions or concerns relating to payment s and/or grant program under this award must be directed to the GOTR.  

  15. I understand that there will be no SBA funding available for an option year for the current base year of my 7(j) Jobs Accelerator grant.  Therefore, I would like to request a one-year, no cost extension on my grant.  Is this permissible?

    Yes.  As outlined in SBA’s notification to grantees on June 6, 2012, you may request a no-cost extension of up to 12 months to this year’s base year grant, which would normally end around the end of September 2012.  This means you would have an additional 12 months to draw down the SBA 7(j) funds past your current expiration date in your Notice of Award.   

  16. Where can I find more details regarding a no-cost extension?

    Details on requesting a no-cost extension are provided in your Notice of Award at Page 5.

  17. What is the deadline to submit any request for a one-year, no cost extension and where do I submit such request?

    If you would like to request such extension, please submit your request ASAP.  The request MUST be made at least 45 calendar days prior to the expiration date set forth in your Notice of Award.   Please email your request to

  18. I would also like to submit a revised 12-month budget, along with my request for a no-cost extension.  How do I accomplish this?

    If you would like to revise your 12 month budget, please submit the SF 424a and A9-A12 along with your Request for No-cost Extension.   You only need to submit a NEW budget if for some reason you want to revise what has already been submitted.   Submit any revised budget to