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About SBA

Download Small Business Widgets for Your Website

SBA's widgets are designed to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with accurate, timely and personalized information on a variety of small business topics, regardless of where they may be within the business life cycle.

Check out the descriptions below, grab the code, and embed the widget on your site or iGoogle homepage. The SBA widgets are free to use.

SBA Direct

The SBA Direct widget helps users find personalized small business information and local services by selecting their areas of interest and entering their zip code.

The SBA Direct widget is ideal for websites of small business bloggers, state and local economic development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and SBA Resource Partner organizations.

Grab the code for the SBA Direct widget and place it on your site to help your users find relevant and targeted information on all aspects of running a business, such as:

  • Steps to getting started
  • Business growth strategies
  • How to comply with current laws and regulations
  • Information on government programs like loans and grants, contracting opportunities, and counseling and training.

Small Business InfoTool

The Small Business InfoTool is a non-SBA branded version of the SBA Direct widget and performs the same functions.

Tools for Small Business

Get immediate access to essential online tools and resources to help you run your small business!

This widget will allow you to:

  • Search for information from federal, state and local governments that can help you run your business
  • Find loans & grants applicable to your business
  • Get a list of licenses and permits that apply to your business
  • Read recent news articles posted in the Community
  • Watch videos featuring expert advice from government agencies and small business owners on the SBA YouTube channel.

Small Business Tax Tool

Get immediate access to current tax information that is important to small business owners!

The widget allows you to:

  • Search for tax information on
  • See what tax discussions business owners are having in the Community
  • Find options for filing your taxes electronically
  • Learn from the IRS Virtual Tax Workshop
  • Watch videos featuring expert advice on important tax topics Community Widget

Get involved with issues important to small business owners!

The widget allows you to:

  • Read recent news articles posted in the Community
  • See what business owners are asking and discussing in the Community
  • Follow the latest "tweets" from the Twitter Feed
  • Search the Community to find Blogs and Discussions on various topics