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Open Government Data Sources

Data Set


Small Business Assistance

Small Business Size Standards

To help small business owners assess their small business status, SBA has established a Table of Small Business Size Standards.

Business Licenses and Permits Search

This database includes a collection of Federal, state and local licenses, permits and registrations small businesses need to operate. By creating a consolidated data set of legal requirements for registering and operating a small business, SBA reduces the time required for small business owners to find information they need to operate successfully.

Small Business Program Finder

This database includes all Federal, State and other programs that are relevant to small businesses. Available facets include State name, industry, interest, program type, and qualification/eligibility requirements.

Loans and Grants Search

This database includes links to Federal, state, and local financial assistance programs that help small businesses get started or expand operations.


This database includes all Green Opportunity data (Grants, Solicitations, Challenges, R&D, Patents and Science & Technology R&D data) from green.sba.gov database

SBA Generic (from green.sba.gov)

This database includes all data (Grants, Solicitations, Challenges, R&D, Patents and Science & Technology R&D data) from green.sba.gov database

SBA Emails RSS

This RSS feed includes all emails sent from SBA to the public via our GovDelivery email marketing tool.

SBA Disaster Loan Data - Superstorm Sandy

SBA Disaster Loan Data for Super storm Sandy provides verified loss and approved loan amount totals for both home and business disaster loans, segmented by city, county, zip code and state

Geographic Data

SBA District Offices

This database includes all SBA District Office location information.

U.S. City and County Web Data


This database is a "mashup" of URLs for city and county web sites and city and county location data from the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). GNIS data includes incorporated places, census designated areas, unincorporated places, counties, and populated places.

Small Business Reports

Office of Advocacy's News Update File


This is an xml news update file to inform the public about recent regulatory alerts, Advocacy small business statistics reports, Advocacy small business research reports, and Advocacy regulatory comment letters.

Small Business Goaling Report Dataset

The Small Business Goaling Report Dataset is an exact copy of the Federal Procurement Database System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG) minus goaling exclusions (e.g., Overseas Contracts are not eligible for small business) . The dataset is used to identify all Federal procurement actions that were eligible for small business in a given fiscal year. The dataset provides all small business set-aside contracts for the same fiscal year.