Request for Quotations
Release Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Office of Advocacy’s mission includes providing research documenting the status of small businesses and the impact of important trends. To fulfill this task Advocacy periodically funds small business research from researchers through requests for quotations (RFQs). Areas of continuing interest are listed below and have been chosen because they are researchable, show the status or role of small businesses, can be a catalyst for further research, or may provide policymaking insight. The proposal solicitations and synopses are listed on FedBizOpps. (If this link is not active, go to and search for Small Business Administration listings.

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS IS FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 2013 at 1:00 P.M. MOUNTAIN TIME. The following solicitations are currently open. Please copy and paste link onto internet browser to access solicitation listed on FedBizOpps.

  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0054 -  Research-Income & Wealth of Veteran Business Owners over the Business Cycle 1989-2010
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0053 - Research-Miscellaneous Small Business Topics Using Large Datasets
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0052 - Research- The Housing Market & Its Effect on Financing Business Startups: Implications for Minority-Owned Businesses
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0051 - Research-Growth Rates Women-Owned Business: A Study of Contributing Factors
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0050 - Research-Student Loan Debt & Entrepreneurship
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0048 - Study-Innovation Accelerator Phenomenon
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0047 - Research-Gender Differences STEM Fields Entrepreneurship
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0046 - Study-Leahy-Smith America Invents Act
  • SBAHQ-13-Q-0045 - Research Low Interest Rates & Small Businesses

See the above linked performance work statements on FedBizOpps for more information on each issue area. It is important that all respondents follow the instructions provided for submitting proposals. Please note that regular mail to government offices in Washington, D.C., experiences significant delays. Other methods, such as overnight and certified mail, are preferred and are more timely.

For ideas of previously funded topics by Advocacy  see (Advocacy’s Research and Statistics) or Research Issues or Archived Research and Statistics.