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Title Advocacy Issues
State Antitrust Activity’s Impact on Small Business Entry Competition, State, Local & Rural, Business Formation
Cross Firm Size Variation in Subnational Taxation Under Federal Consumption-Based Taxation: Impact and Implications Taxes
Crossing the Employer Threshold: Determinants of Firms Hiring Their First Employee General Small Business
Letter dated - 04/24/2013 Federal Communications Commission Telecommunications
Letter dated - 6/01/2012 Office of Management and Budget General Small Business
Impact of Electronic Data Interchange on Small Firms Technology & Innovation
Developments in Women-owned Business, 1997-2007 Women
The Small Business Advocate – February-March 2014 Banking & Finance, General Small Business, Minorities, Regulation, Women
The Geography of Employment Growth: The Support Networks for Gazelle IPOs Competition, State, Local & Rural, Technology & Innovation, General Small Business, Banking & Finance, Business Formation, Economic Development
Advocacy Announces Seattle Symposium on Small Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Finance, Capital & Taxes, Franchising, Procurement, State, Local & Rural, Technology & Innovation, General Small Business, Business Formation, Economic Development, Owner Demographics
How Small Businesses Learn General Small Business, Economic Development
Frequently Asked Questions about Small Business Business Turnover, Employment & Training, Finance, Capital & Taxes, Minorities, Technology & Innovation, Veterans, Women, General Small Business, Banking & Finance, Business Formation, Owner Demographics, Taxes
The Small Business Advocate - April 2014 Banking & Finance, Business Formation, Business Turnover, Competition, Economic Development, Employment & Training, Finance, Capital & Taxes, Firm Size Data, General Small Business, Minorities, Owner Demographics, Regulation, Taxes, Technology & Innovation, Veterans, Wages & Benefits, Women
EPA inviting small businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations to participate as Small Entity Representatives (SERs) for a Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR) Panel. Environmental
IRS Issues Proposed Regs on Rules for Additional Medicare Tax Finance, Capital & Taxes
Understanding Small Business Activity at the State-Level Competition, Regulation, State, Local & Rural
Letter dated - 11/05/99 Environmental Protection Agency Environmental
Understanding Self-Employment Dynamics Among Individuals Nearing Retirement Business Formation, Employment & Training, General Small Business, Healthcare, Wages & Benefits
2010 Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories State, Local & Rural
Regulatory Alert: Food and Drug Administration: Accreditation of Third-Party Auditors/Certification Bodies to Conduct Food Safety Audits and Issue Certifications Food, Drug & Health, Regulation
FWS Published a Proposed Critical Habitat Designation for a Certain Population Segment of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Environmental
Letter dated - 3/14/2012 Environmental Protection Agency Environmental
A Survey of Regulatory Burdens Competition, Regulation
Developments in Women-owned Business Women, Owner Demographics
OSHA extends comment period and other deadlines for its proposed rule on Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica. Safety & Transportation
Venture Capital, Social Capital and the Funding of Women-led Businesses Finance, Capital & Taxes, Minorities, Women, Banking & Finance, Owner Demographics
State Antitrust Activity’s Impact on Small Business Entry Competition, State, Local & Rural, Business Formation
The Costs of Financing Exports for Small Business Exporting
The Increasing Importance of Credit Unions in Small Business Lending Finance, Capital & Taxes, Banking & Finance
Ex Parte Communication Special Access Rates for Price Cap Local Exchange Carriers Telecommunications