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Marketing in a Recession: Creative Strategies Small Businesses are Using.

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Marketing in a Recession: Creative Strategies Small Businesses are Using.

By Solovic
Published: March 24, 2010 Updated: February 10, 2011

It’s difficult to promote your business when the economy is tight, but every business owner understands the importance of attracting new customers. Because funds are tight many small businesses are coming up with simple, inexpensive, creative ways to build their brand.

Zakle.com. Eric rides a bright yellow recumbent bicycle in areas where there are a lot of people. When people stop to comment on his cool looking ride, he hands them a t-shirt with the Zakle.com logo. Stamos knows it is working because he can see a spike in traffic from areas where he has biked. (Imagine what good shape he must be in too.)

downtown toy store purchased a bubble machine for outside their store. In the morning they turn it on and the street fills with bubbles, attracting visitors. Not only did the inexpensive, innovative marketing idea attract new business, it also built a base of loyal customers. Loyal customers love it the bubble machine so much that if it isn’t working right they report it to the owners.

Avdoian places a few current copies of professional association magazines and/or his company’s newsletters, some promotional pieces and a few business cards on his table, readily available and visible. (Personally, I’d consider a few give-away type items with my company info too.)