7(a) Loan Queue

SBA is reactivating the SBA Loan Queues on December 28, 2010, however no new loan applications or request for increases are being accepted. 

As the availability of Small Business Jobs Act funds is close to being exhausted, small business owners (as well as lenders) will need to decide whether to remain in the SBA Loan Queue to await the possibility of funds from cancelled Jobs Act loans,, or to apply for a non- Small Business Jobs Act loan with all applicable fees and lower guaranty levels. The information provided below will help in the decision-making process and includes information on those loans currently in the SBA Loan Queue and information on funds available via the Transition Phase Alert system. (How to withdraw your Small Business Jobs Act application and re-submit it as a non-Jobs Act application)

Daily Transition Phase Alert

7(a) Loan Queue:

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