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For Contracting Officials

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    Find out how to apply the requirements of the HUBZone Program to help certified HUBZone small businesses receive their fair share of contracting opportunities. 

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    Non-Manufacturer Rule

    The Non-Manufacturer rule allows a small business to offer a product that it did not manufacturer under a small business set-aside if SBA has offered a waiver.

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    Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse

    Learn how you may report fraud, waste, mismanagement or misconduct involving SBA programs or employees.

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    When a contract is awarded, a losing bidder may allege that a competing company misrepresented itself in a way that caused the contract to be awarded unfairly.

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    OSDBU Directors Council

    The Federal Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) is an organization of federal small business program officials and is a great resource for contracting officers.

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    Did you know that formal goals are in place to ensure that small businesses get their fair share of work with the federal government? Learn more about the process.

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    Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

    These resources will help you become familiar with the regulations that apply to most federal contractors.

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    Certificates of Competency

    The Certificate of Competency (COC) program allows a small business to appeal a contracting officer's determination that it is unable to fulfill the requirements of a specific government contract.

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    Procurement Center Representatives

    Learn more about procurement center representatives (PCRs) and how they help small businesses obtain federal contracts.

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    Interagency Task Force on Federal ...

    This report outlines the recommendations for the Task Force to ensure small businesses can participate in the nation's economic recovery.

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    Goaling Program

    SBA is responsible for managing and overseeing the small business procurement process throughout the federal government.

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