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Subcontracting Opportunities Directory

Opportunities by State:

In some cases, the point-of-contact listed in the subcontracting plan changes after SBA adds the company to the directory. SBA is not automatically notified of such changes; and therefore, at any point in time, some of the information in this directory may be incorrect. SBA updates the directory on a regular basis and makes necessary changes when an incorrect listing is brought to its attention.

If you are a contractor that is listed in this directory, please verify that the company name, point-of-contact, phone number, and other information are all correct. If anything is incorrect, please contact your nearest Commercial Market Representative (CMR) using the hyperlink in the next paragraph and request the necessary changes.

Please note that SBA does not have the authority to require a prime contractor to use a particular small business. However, SBA’s CMRs counsel small businesses on how to market their products and services to the prime contractors in this directory. To find your nearest CMR click here.

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