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For Specific Businesses

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Auto Dealers

    Auto dealerships use on average more energy per square foot than a typical office building. But the good news is that cost effective opportunities exist for significant reductions in the energy ...

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Construction ...

    Home improvement contractors, insulators and air sealing companies, and HVAC contractors who are ready to learn and apply advanced techniques recommended by ENERGY STAR have the opportunity to ...

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Grocery and ...

    While the food-sales industry shares many of the energy-related issues seen in other business sectors, such as lighting, heating and cooling, appliances, etc., what sets it apart is its high ...

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Home Based Businesses

    Saving energy for your home-based business may seem like a challenge, but there are some simple, no-cost or low-cost steps you can take to reduce your energy bills by as much as 30%. Try some of ...

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Lodging

    Energy Efficiency for Lodging If you own or operate a hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or guesthouse, you face special challenges regarding energy management. Your facilities may be active 24 ...

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Small and ...

    Small and medium sized manufacturers (SMM) face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing energy use. Expertise in energy-efficient operations may not exist in the organization and ...

  • article

    Energy Management Basics for Small and ...

    These steps are based on lessons learned from ENERGY STAR partners who used them, developed long-term energy management strategies and are now seeing energy and cost savings. Step 1: Assess ...

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Restaurants

    Savor the profits from energy efficiency! Your restaurant's profit is typically only 3 to 9% of total revenue. Follow ENERGY STAR® cost-effective recommendations and your investment in energy ...

  • article

    Energy Efficiency for Retail Stores

    Make strong energy performance your competitive advantage. Retail companies spend nearly $20 billion on energy each year A 10 percent reduction in energy costs for the average ...

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