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Managing a Business


Managing Business Finances & Accounting

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    Accepting Cash Only

    Many small businesses operate as "cash only" merchants. Ask yourself if cash only will hurt your bottom line by limiting payment options or if this is right for your business. Consider your options.

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    Accepting Checks

    Do you want expand your customer payment options beyond cash but aren't ready to for card payments? Explore accepting checks as an additional option.

  • article

    Accepting Credit Cards

    Credit and debit cards have become very important in business commerce. If your business is considering what forms of payment to accept, be sure to review the pros and cons of accepting card payments.

  • article

    Extending Credit to Your Customers

    Extending credit to your customers gives them the option to purchase products or services today and pay for them later. Decide if extending credit is right for you by weighing the rewards and risks.

  • article

    Online Payment Services

    Online payment services allow business and consumers to exchange money electronically over the Internet. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of online payment services.

  • article

    10 Steps to Setting Up a Payroll System

    Setting up a payroll system streamlines your ability to stay on top of your legal and regulatory responsibilities as an employer. Explore steps to help you set up a payroll system for your business.

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