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Starting a Business


Business Types

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    Nonprofit Organization

    Nonprofit organizations use profit to improve services, rather than pay dividends to investors. If your business is registered as a nonprofit, you're eligible for certain government resources.

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    Green Businesses

    Green businesses not only benefit the environment, but also use eco-friendly business practices as a means to market their products. Learn more about how to get certified as a green business.

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    Startups & High Growth Businesses

    Startups commonly are technology-based businesses and have high growth potential. Learn more about how to start, run and expand a startup or high growth business.

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    Home-Based Businesses

    Many well-known companies like Apple and Ford started as home-based businesses. Learn more about how to set up a home-based business and what you need to know to comply with laws and regulations.

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    Online Businesses

    Establishing a business presence on the Internet can be a great way to sell and market goods and services. Learn more about how to start and manage an online business.

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    Franchise Businesses

    Franchises can provide an opportunity for ready-made business success, but they also come with a variety of challenges. Find out what you need to know before purchasing a franchise.

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    Buying Existing Businesses

    Buying an existing business can be less risky than starting one from scratch. However, know the terms of purchase before doing so. Learn more about purchasing an existing business.

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    Self Employed & Independent Contractors

    Being a self-employed or an independent contractor can offer small business owners flexibility as well as challenges. Learn about the pros and cons of both and how you can get started.

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    Women-Owned Businesses

    Learn about the wide range of federal programs available to help women owned small businesses start up, grow and succeed.

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    Veteran-Owned Businesses

    Starting a small business is a tremendous opportunity for veterans. The federal government has programs specifically for veterans and the military community.

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    People with Disabilities

    Starting a business can be a great opportunity for those with disabilities because of benefits such as work flexibility. Learn more about government programs for disabled small business owners.

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    Young Entrepreneurs

    Young entrepreneurs are the key to our nation's economic future. Learn about federal government resources to help aspiring small business owners succeed.

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    50+ Entrepreneurs

    Are you nearing retirement and exploring new business opportunities? Now is the time to explore the possibilities.

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    Minority-Owned Businesses

    SBA is a strong advocate of minority and special audiences, and we know doing business with the government, also called government contracting, can be a very lucrative endeavor for small businesses.

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    Native Americans

    Information on programs that are designed to help Native American entrepreneurs start, grow and manage their businesses.

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