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Starting a Business


Business Data & Statistics

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    General Business Statistics

    Find statistics on a variety of industries and business conditions.

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    Consumer Statistics

    Find information about your potential customers and consumer market.

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    Find out more about the population and uncover information that can be used in your business research efforts.

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    Economic Indicators

    A variety of economic indicators can affect your business. These resources cover these and other statistical data that can be useful to your business research and planning initiatives.

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    Employment Statistics

    Research useful statistics on employment trends throughout the U.S.

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    Income Statistics

    View national statistics on income and earnings to help ensure that your pay rates are fair based on the marketplace.

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    Money & Interest Rates

    Find information and statistics about exchange rates, interest rates and general stock measures.

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    Production & Sales Statistics

    Explore statistics on the production and sale of goods in the United States.

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    Trade Statistics

    Trade statistics are often indicators of sales performance and the role competitors play. Find statistics on U.S. trade and exports that matter to your business.

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