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Starting a Business


Choose Your Location & Equipment

  • article

    Tips for Choosing Your Business Location

    Learn how to find the right location for your small business and what you need to know before you begin your search.

  • article

    Basic Zoning Laws

    Learn about local zoning ordinances and regulations that may apply to your small business.

  • article

    Home-Based Business Zoning Laws

    Home-based businesses may be required to comply with local zoning laws. Find out which ones apply to your small business.

  • article

    Leasing Commercial Space

    Find out what to expect when leasing a commercial office space for your small business.

  • article

    Buying Government Surplus

    Purchasing surplus goods from the government is an easy and affordable way to equip your new and expanding business. Find out how to acquire government surplus for your small business.

  • article

    Leasing Business Equipment

    There are several options available when it comes to acquiring equipment you need for your small business. Find out the benefits of buying or leasing equipment.

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Get Local Assistance Right in Your Area

Counseling, mentoring, and training from an SBA District Office, SCORE Chapter, Small Biz Development Center or Women’s Biz Center in your area.