en how to pay sales tax if not a brick or mortar or online sales Paying sales tax has been very confusing. We are a gift box company that sells mostly to other businesses. We meet at their location to discuss gift options and then we deliver. Do we charge sales tax to where the boxes are being delivered. Do we charge based on where the buyer is purchasing from. Do we charge from our PO box location. We get different answers from different people. What is home rule? Do we need more than one sales license. One for each city we sell in? We never get the same answer twice? Can anyone help? Filing and Paying Taxes Mon, 20 Oct 2014 02:47:11 +0000 annmpap 1108921 at paying sales tax on an out of state purchase I'm a consumer who lives in a state which has no tax on retail sales and although this sounds wonderful we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, and I am taxed in other ways, so I do pay my fair share of taxes to my state. My question is about when I purchase items from online retailers. I've never had a problem with this until last month when I purchased some items for my grandchildren's birthday from a major us retailer. I've purchased from them many times and never been charged sales tax, but on this order they charged me tax based on the state where the gifts are to be delivered. Actually when I saw the tax in my cart I delayed the order to inquire and was assured the tax would be refunded, but then after the purchase was made they changed their mind and told me tax was due based on the state where my grandchildren live. My State: Delaware Retailers state: Arkansas Delivery address: Indiana I believe they based the change of their decision on the fact that they have a nexus in the state of Indiana, however the purchase wasn't made in that state, it was made in Delaware, the billing address on my credit card was in delaware and my position is that I've already been taxed in other ways to account for all my purchases and the only way it would be legal for another state to charge me sales tax would be if I was actually in that state using it's roads, with access to it's other services, so I strongly object to paying a duplicate tax to a state that I've never been to and I don't feel they have any right to charge me. The retailer in question is I ended up returning the items (on principle) and purchased identical items from and was not charged tax. It's my position that Walmart is assuming the purchase was made in Indiana which is not true and that Amazon is correctly identifying it as a purchase made in Delaware for gifts shipped to Indiana. The amount of money is small here, but the principle of taxation without representation is huge and I have no representation in Indiana, so feel they can only tax me according to Delaware law (unless of course I am actually in the other state as I mentioned before). Can someone explain with some certainty which retailer is acting correctly and if I am correct that they have no right to force me to pay taxes to Indiana, can you provide a link to the relevant code? Also consider that an Indiana resident is required to list purchases (and or gifts) from other states and could be required to pay sales tax on their state income tax returns so in this case it could result in duplicate tax. In summary, I believe the fact that walmart has a nexus (brick and mortar building) in Indiana doesn't give them the right to collect Indiana state sales tax from a Delaware resident making a purchase in Delaware. I'll also add that the items were shipped from Arkansas, not from Indiana. I look forward to hearing some opinions on this subject. Filing and Paying Taxes Fri, 03 Oct 2014 13:09:24 +0000 TuuS 1107951 at Do i have to pay a quarterly estimated tax? <p>Hi All, I just started my business in December so i am as new as they come. I have been reading books non-stop and am currently learning about taxes. My question, is my business required to pay a quarterly estimated tax (1040-ES)? My business is: -A SMLLC -Located in NY -Online Electronics retailer. -Estimated $24,000 annual revenue. Any help is appreciated!</p> Filing and Paying Taxes Tue, 21 Feb 2012 02:15:58 +0000 JerryAAA 109881 at Untaxed purchases and items subject to sales use tax Hi! I have an online business in which I print and sell baby onesies and tees. I work in the basement of my house in Idaho. I am now questioning if I have been doing my quarterly taxes incorrectly. Basically, I purchase the clothing wholesale from a company in New York. I do not pay sales tax through the clothing supplier I use, since I have a wholesale account. I then decorate and print on the clothing and sell my clothing on-line. Rarely, do my sales come from Idaho. I maybe get one or two sales on-line from Idaho, in which I know I need to collect sales tax from. However, what about all my other sales? I am ONLY paying sales tax on purchases made through Idaho, correct? My other question/concern is about untaxed purchases and items subject to sales use tax...would this include the wholesale clothing and supplies I purchase for my company, that I use and then RESELL to out of state? Please advice, because this is confusing for on-line retailers! I appreciate any help! Filing and Paying Taxes Wed, 03 Sep 2014 20:48:02 +0000 mjcrispies 1106071 at LLC - Avoiding commingling assets of tax payments/refund? What is a typical strategy for avoiding the commingling of assets when paying taxes or depositing a refund for an LLC via personal tax returns? For example, if you deposit a refund into a single account, which account would be used (business vs personal) and how should the paper trail work in terms of getting the applicable portion to the other account? Filing and Paying Taxes Thu, 26 Jun 2014 07:02:54 +0000 EmpireJones 1092771 at Do business owners have to file 941? <p>If a small business owner receives a salary, do they file form 941 also--just like for the employees?</p> Filing and Paying Taxes Tue, 10 Feb 2009 23:23:51 +0000 StuartR 94131 at I'm a twit - please help me and my poor small business I run out of my closet. Business Stats: Became official LLC in 2005 - co-owner with my husband Side business makes 1k-3k EACH YEAR (a.k.a. very little money) - I sell educational products as a passion/hobby. This is my story. I am a twit. I say this first to get this out of the way. I started a hobby business my sophomore year in college. I used LegalZoom to incorporate my business, filed for my ein, etc. The mistake - I have been filing my schedule K-1's through h and r block. I thought this was all I had to do for my 1065 form. Incorrect. I just realized in the past few days I was supposed to file the 1065 with the IRS as a part of my llc partnership, along with the schedule k-1's individually. This means I have filed a schedule k-1 every year for both partners but I have NOT filed my form 1065 itself. I didn't realize these both needed to be filed. The question - I haven't received any notices from the IRS about this that I am aware of. What do I do to "fix" this. Considering I only make about 1k a year, paying the possible monthly $195 fee I also just read about would bankrupt my company. We have 5k in the bank. Again - small hobby business just for fun. Ha. The "holy crap oh my god please" request for help/advice - The only reason all of this has come to light is I am buying a second house and they requested my 1065's which is no problem - I've been doing those. Then they requested a transcript request to get the documentation from the IRS. That's when the realization literally dawned on me all at once like a sordid epiphany. I've been filing my schedule-k's with h and r block that isn't the same thing as my 1065. I haven't heard yet back from the mortgage lender about the irs transcripts, but I have a sinking feeling I know how it will go... What do you suggest I do? Filing and Paying Taxes Mon, 05 May 2014 21:23:27 +0000 jkfrahm 836331 at K-1's Does anyone know that if only the K-1's for a partnership return are incorrect, whether a amended Form 1065 has to be filed Filing and Paying Taxes Wed, 20 Aug 2014 16:08:21 +0000 schultzPlymouthMI 1104751 at LLC with foreign partners Hello, I am one of two foreign members of domestic LLC opened in 2013 in Nevada. Now I need to report to IRS for 2013 as partnership. The question is the following. Besides form 1065 and all necessary schedules (K, K-1, B, B-1, etc.) do I need to file any other forms like 1040nr, 8804, 8805, 8813 for foreign partners considering the fact that there was ABSOLUTELY NO INCOME in 2013 for our LLC? Your advice would be highly appriciated! Filing and Paying Taxes Thu, 13 Mar 2014 12:15:26 +0000 alexf0685 806091 at sales tax Hello ours is New Jersey based LLC, Importing garments from India, selling to , 1 resellers in New Jersey and other states, 2 selling to consumers online both in New Jersey and other states amounting to 10, 000 USD per annum , do we have any sales tax liability to state , awaiting your guidance , with warm regards and thanks Filing and Paying Taxes Mon, 04 Aug 2014 02:07:39 +0000 K_PRESIDENT 1101991 at Cost of goods sold I have a small LLC business that I operate part time out of my home. I provide IT services for other small businesses. It started out as a hobby, but is slowly growing beyond that. Presently I only have a couple dozen clients. When a client needs new computers I will price the equipment through Dell, purchase them through my Dell account, then forward the exact cost to my client. I make my money through the installation and configuration. I keep no inventory and only buy on demand. Since I am not profiting off of merchandise sold and am just a buying agent, do I need to cover the money exchanged for the computers and equipment under Costs of goods sold, OR do I just count the fees for services as income? Filing and Paying Taxes Tue, 11 Mar 2014 23:53:41 +0000 permaps 805671 at Misstated date of incorporation on tax return (Form 1120S, Box E) My business was created on 05/29/12, but I just discovered that 06/04/2012 was written on both my 2012 and 2013 Form 1120S in Box E (Date Incorporated). I'm not sure how this mistake happened, but the date is only off by 6 days. Do I need to file amended tax return to fix this mistake, or is it OK to just start using the correct date on future returns? Thanks in advance for any help. Filing and Paying Taxes Thu, 17 Jul 2014 14:58:13 +0000 DrGEdwards 1098591 at 1099 for employees ?? <p>i have a small construction company, and i hire when i need. can i give theses guys 1099 forms at the end of the year? instead of using a payroll system?</p> <p>thanks  steve</p> Filing and Paying Taxes Sat, 17 Apr 2010 17:51:37 +0000 walshservices 94871 at Online cash advance business- State tax filing I have started an online cash advance business aka giving loans to customers in the US. The company is registered in Delaware but the customers are in different states. In which state do I need to file an income tax return? Filing and Paying Taxes Mon, 28 Jul 2014 14:14:44 +0000 shikmam 1100761 at Completing taxes on sublet apartment <p>I currently lease an apartment and sublet it out as a furnished dwelling.&nbsp; I have the furniture to depreciate, the expense of the lease payments, expenses of utilities, a special rental insurance that my agent explains is used by hotels&nbsp;and the rental income to&nbsp;pay taxes on.&nbsp; Since I do&nbsp;not&nbsp;own the property&nbsp;how&nbsp;would I file this on my taxes?&nbsp;</p> Filing and Paying Taxes Wed, 14 Dec 2011 14:36:28 +0000 chiperwin3 107531 at Do membership dues count as capital contributions for an investor in an LLC-Coop? A bit of a complicated question regarding membership dues and capital contributions in an LLC-Coop. Not 100% sure this should go in the tax section either. Background: 1) LLC-Coop hybrid small business that sells a service. The service is a membership dues based one with extra fees for additional services. The dues are the primary income of the company. 2) To be part of the Coop portion and vote on how the business is run, a person must be a Class B Share member (member-owner). 3) Per standard Coop rules, only one B Share per person and only one vote per share. 4) The B Share can be bought by a User who is in good standing and pays the membership dues, or the B Share is given with an investment in the company (Class A or C shares). 5) A person does not have to be a Class B Share member to use the business services, just pay the membership dues (patron). 6) An investor (A or C) is always a B Share member, but not always a User. Some investors pay the membership dues and use the company services. Others pay no membership dues and do not use the company services. 7) The Operating Agreement has this clause "With respect to the Class B Members who are Users, Monthly Dues shall be in the nature of an assessment, shall not be treated as additional Capital Contributions to the Company, and shall not be included in the Member's Capital Account." 8) All membership dues are counted as part of the income of the company. The Question: For an investor in the company (an A or C Share holder who is by definition a B Share member), does the paying of membership dues to the company for services provided by the company (thereby becoming a User) count as a capital contribution to the company for said investor? Filing and Paying Taxes Sat, 24 May 2014 08:31:54 +0000 cj8660 853401 at If we will be entitled to pay tax for works we did outside of the US and from the money we receive into our US bank account Dear Sir or Madam: I am an Afghan National owning a company in Afghanistan. We worked with the US Companies in Afghanistan. I am in the process of opening/filing an LLC in Texas, USA. I want to receive some of our payments for the works we did in Afghanistan into our US bank account by our US clients. If we do so, will we be entitled to pay any Taxes? We never worked in the US. The projects were done in Afghanistan, but we want to receive a portion of the payments in our US Account. We do not know if we will be charged for any taxations for the works we did outside of the US but receive their money in the US Bank Account? Thank you Fahim Filing and Paying Taxes Wed, 11 Jun 2014 19:11:59 +0000 fahim234 1086381 at Do I pay taxes or do they? I'm the owner of a small, online candle business looking to create a new market for our products to sell by "hiring" some reps for our company. I say hiring in quotations, because I won't actually be paying them money at all. Instead, I will be offering them 30% off all our products and providing them with sale packets/an email address/business cards to have "Candle Parties" and sell our candles as well. Sort of like a Pampered Chef or Tupperware party. The way they'll make money is by charging their guests full retail price for the candle, but only paying 70% of the full retail price by ordering from us. In turn, making the additonal 30% they saved as "commission". Because I'm not giving them actual paychecks or cash of any sort, and they're working more like wholesale buyers (buying at wholesale, selling at retail), I'm under the impression I don't have to consider them employees or tax them in any way. My main question is though, what responsibilities do they have? I know the wholesalers we sell to currently understand their tax responsibilities when buying our candles, but I'm pretty certain those we'd be "hiring" as reps wouldn't, so I'd like to inform them of these responsibilities up front. Can anyone help guide me as to what they'd need to do? (Do they need to get a seller's permit? Do they have to collect sales tax on each order? What paperwork are they responsible to file? Should I be collecting any information from them like a W-9?) Filing and Paying Taxes Tue, 03 Jun 2014 19:11:13 +0000 candlegirl 1059831 at Home office tax deduction - Scott Robarge, Another8 Hi, my name is Scott Robarge. My business, Another8 is starting to grow and I now have a small office that I am in probably 3 or 4 days a week. Until I hire more people, I will still work from home 1 or 2 days a week, not to mention nights and weekends. Can I still deduct my home office? At the moment I only end up deducting a small amount of utilities, so it is not a large deduction anyway. Thanks, Scott. Scott Robarge Another8 Filing and Paying Taxes Fri, 02 May 2014 18:58:04 +0000 srobarge 833741 at Can partners in an LLC receive different shares of profits/losses? If I have fifty percent and my partner fifty percent in an LLC company, can one of us receive more shares of profits than the other, lets say ninety nine percent and one percent? The thing is one of the partners doesnt want to receive profits at all since he is a foreign and doesnt have interested in filing US tax returns, so for him it would not be a problem letting all the profits with the other partner. Is that possible even though he owns fifty percent of the LLC company? I hope someone can help and I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks, Renata. Filing and Paying Taxes Thu, 15 May 2014 14:39:50 +0000 reliseviana 843071 at Tax questions Hello, I started a small business, based in Philadelphia, making and selling dancewear online and recently in dance boutiques as well. Today I purchased my Business Privilege License. I thought I was eligible to get my BPL for free because I am a first timer but the form stated that if I was not planning on hiring 3 or more employees that I was not eligible. Did I read the form wrong? Did I just waste $300? If I did read it wrong and I am in fact eligible for a free BPL then how do I go about getting a refund? The second part to my question is....... where can I find out what to charge in taxes, if anything. I know that there is no sales tax on clothing in PA but what about when I sell a skirt to a girl in NY,CA, FL or even the Netherlands. Where is the site that gives me this info? Or is it best to seek professional help from a business accountant? This is all very new to me and I am learning with each mistake I make. I am hoping that by reaching out to those of you who have been in my shoes, I can avoid a few mistakes. Hopefully, one day I can return the favor to a naive , new business owner like myself. Thank you!!! AbbieM Filing and Paying Taxes Tue, 12 Jun 2012 22:26:30 +0000 abigailmentzerdesigns 152671 at Questions about LLC taxes LLC background: Single member LLC Incorporated in Nevada Does business in California Has one(1) employee on payroll started June 2012 Tax Facts: LLC incorporated in Nov 2011, paid the minimum $800 tax to California for 2011 taxes. How should I structure my LLC tax in the coming months as well as next year? How about the payroll tax? Thanks. Filing and Paying Taxes Fri, 13 Jul 2012 00:06:56 +0000 ysllc 160941 at Dissolving and Avoiding Double Taxation Hello, I unwisely created a C-Corp at the beginning of 2013 in order to seek funding, which never panned out. I am now in the process of selling our one main asset and am realizing that it is probable that we will get double taxed on this. Is there any way to liquidate or dissolve without having to go through double taxation, which would almost certainly nullify whatever effort and time we have put into our company? The sale will occur in two weeks, and I am not sure if that will have any bearing on the above question or not. Filing and Paying Taxes Fri, 11 Apr 2014 18:17:11 +0000 amsimpleminded 819551 at finding help to pay taxes I am a partner small business food restaurant, and we are having difficulty in paying sales, food and bev taxes, and staying open so they don't shut us down. We already have payment arrangements to pay those the past ones back, in turn having trouble keeping current with the current ones. With the changes in the economy. I'm sure there are others that are struggling as well. Is there anywhere I can find funding for help, I have already got two second mortgages on my home and trying to pay those back is difficult, as well as other debts that business had endured. Paying the bare minimum to bills and keeping good employees. I have contemplated on closing, but if I did nothing will get paid. I am open to suggestions, and or places of resources to turn too. Thank you in advance. Filing and Paying Taxes Wed, 05 Mar 2014 03:37:08 +0000 drbwa 802131 at Delete my post ? I post a question, then decided I wanted to remove the post. How do I do that ? Filing and Paying Taxes Sun, 06 Apr 2014 03:10:57 +0000 FLM 815351 at Question about payroll taxes Hello, My name is Jose Rodriguez. I'm president of San Isidro Water Farm, Inc. a company registered under the state law of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and dedicated agricultural industry. This is our second year as a company but we have 8 years experience in harvesting vegetable from hydroponic systems. The company has no employees yet. However, I would like to know if I as president need to receive income from payroll as an employee. The company has not suffice income to pay wages or salaries. Just a few expenses are account as personal and that is all my salary. The last natural year was about $600. My question is: I have to file in Puerto Rico 941pr or 943pr or 940pr for this salary? Filing and Paying Taxes Mon, 31 Mar 2014 22:37:13 +0000 SIWFI 812331 at Incorporated But Not Yet Operating (Tax Questions) We incorporated my business in NC a couple of months ago as an S-Corp, but have not opened for business or earned any income yet. I'm not clear on what I need to do to meet my tax filing obligations.? Filing and Paying Taxes Thu, 03 Apr 2014 02:10:15 +0000 karaterick 813631 at Sales tax for out of state ticketed event Hello, We are a company based out of CA and are hosting an event in CT. We are selling the tickets online. Just want to clarify, would the sales tax rate we charge be the rate of where the physical event is being held (as opposed to where our company is based or where the customer lives)? Thanks, Mike Filing and Paying Taxes Sat, 29 Mar 2014 03:22:32 +0000 ReaperHaunt 811901 at Tax considerations in Business Plan for a Small Business (LLC) I'm looking to start a tool-rental place in Rapid City, SD. What taxes should I consider when I make the business plan? Do I pay tax on employee’s salary? Do I pay state unemployment tax or workers compensation tax? Do I pay sales tax on the income from the tool rental? Can I deduct sales tax that I pay for inventory, office supplies and other tax expenses for my business? Have I forgotten about any taxes I have to account for? Filing and Paying Taxes Mon, 24 Mar 2014 22:48:06 +0000 marton 809251 at Question on From 940 & 941 I have opened a C Corp in June 2013 and there are no employees as of now. Just finished filing business tax returns and chosen Calendar Year as the tax year. I have following questions. How many times do we have to pay taxes? Is it separate for State and federal? Business is in California. As per the IRS document that I received, Form 940 and Form 941 were due in January. I missed it. Can I submit these forms now? And what are these forms for? Why do we need to file Form 1120? Thank you. Filing and Paying Taxes Tue, 18 Mar 2014 20:49:19 +0000 ngurram 807831 at