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2011 Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories

The economic condition of small businesses in the United States is captured in the latest edition of the  Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories. This annual publication from the Office of Advocacy provides information on the demographics of business ownership, employment, industry composition, and small business income, for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The publication provides available limited data on the U.S. territories.

The value of this publication is the detail it provides about small businesses at the state level.  An Excel spreadsheet containing all of the data in the profiles is also available. The state and territory profiles are in Adobe PDF format.


Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF Files or Convert PDF files if necessary. Be sure to read the Adobe Electronic End User License Agreement and any other instructions prior to installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system. Adobe also offers Accessibility Tools for PDF Documents.

Attachments Size
ak11.pdf 155Kb
al11.pdf 155Kb
ar11.pdf 155Kb
az11.pdf 156Kb
ca11.pdf 196Kb
co11.pdf 155Kb
ct11.pdf 156Kb
dc11.pdf 155Kb
de11.pdf 155Kb
fl11.pdf 197Kb
ga11.pdf 155Kb
hi11.pdf 196Kb
ia11.pdf 155Kb
id11.pdf 155Kb
il11.pdf 197Kb
in11.pdf 155Kb
ks11.pdf 155Kb
ky11.pdf 155Kb
la11.pdf 196Kb
ma11.pdf 155Kb
md11.pdf 154Kb
me11.pdf 196Kb
mi11.pdf 155Kb
mn11.pdf 155Kb
mo11.pdf 155Kb
ms11.pdf 155Kb
mt11.pdf 156Kb
nc11.pdf 154Kb
nd11.pdf 196Kb
ne11.pdf 155Kb
nh11.pdf 155Kb
nj11.pdf 155Kb
nm11.pdf 197Kb
nv11.pdf 155Kb
ny11.pdf 156Kb
oh11.pdf 156Kb
or11.pdf 156Kb
pa11.pdf 155Kb
ri11.pdf 155Kb
sc11.pdf 155Kb
sd11.pdf 155Kb
tn11.pdf 155Kb
tx11.pdf 156Kb
us11.pdf 160Kb
ut11.pdf 155Kb
va11.pdf 156Kb
vt11.pdf 155Kb
wa11.pdf 155Kb
wi11.pdf 155Kb
wv11.pdf 197Kb
wy11.pdf 156Kb
ok11.pdf 155Kb
terr11.pdf 137Kb