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Starting a Business


50+ Entrepreneurs

Are you nearing retirement and exploring new opportunities? Or, are you wondering how you will generate income once you retire? A growing number of individuals over the age of 50+, or “encore entrepreneurs”, are turning to small business ownership.

Whether you are interested in starting a small business right away or are intending to wait until after retirement, now is the time to explore the possibilities.  SBA has a number of resources and tools to help encore entrepreneurs effectively prepare for starting and running a small business.


April is Encore Entrepreneurship Mentor Month

SBA and AARP are again teaming up to host National Encore Entrepreneur Mentor Month targeted at entrepreneurs over the age of 50. Building on the success of a joint SBA and AARP Mentor Month in April 2013, the two organizations will match “encore entrepreneurs” with successful business owners and community leaders for advice and assistance. Find an event near you!


Encore Entrepreneurship Webinar Series

A series of encore entrepreneurship webinars is available on a variety of topics to help you start or grow your small business.


Online courses

Try our free online courses!  In addition to courses on general business topics like accounting and marketing, there are the Encore Entrepreneurs and Encore Entrepreneurship for Women courses that are designed specifically for the Encore Entrepreneur. 


Virtual Help Desk

Our virtual concierge, named Jean, is the go-to encore entrepreneurship guide and will help you discover SBA information on disaster planning, veterans resources and mentoring. You also have an opportunity to tell us about what small business topics you’d like to learn more about.

[Virtual Concierge Mobile Edition] [Transcript]


Find Local Resources

Enter your zip code to find a small business counselor or mentor through a Women’s Business CenterSCORE chapter or Small Business Development Center near you. SBA resources can help you learn more about your target market, how to manage a successful small business and ways to sustain your growth.  You can also search for events in your local area.




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