ARC Loan Boilerplate

AARCv2009.pdf -- The National ARC Authorization Boilerplate

The Boilerplate -- not the Wizard -- is the reference document pertaining to the Authorization.

Tip -- If you have already installed the ARC wizard on your workstation, you can also access the Boilerplate via the ARC wizard menu in MS-Word. On the other hand, if you just want to view or print the Boilerplate without installing the Wizard, this section is for you.

The Boilerplate contains the following information:

  • A 'Read This First' section covering general information about the Authorization, as well as the differences between this version and the previous version, if any.

  • The Authorization standardized text itself, on which the ARC Wizard is based.

  • Appendix A: The standardized text for Collateral Conditions.

  • Appendix B: A description of state specific options within the Collateral Conditions.


To view or print the boilerplate online:

  1. Click here to open AARCv2009.pdf (File size: approx. 2.1 MB)

  2. If the Adobe Acrobat Reader does not start automatically, make sure that it is properly installed on your workstation.

  3. Click on the Print icon on the Adobe Toolbar if you want to print the Boilerplate.

To download the boilerplate to your workstation:

  1. Right-Click here

  2. In the pop-up menu, select "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Netscape)

  3. Save AARCv2009.pdf on your workstation (File size: approx. 2.1 MB)

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