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As SBA's office for the support of small business international trade development, the Office of International Trade works in cooperation with other federal agencies and public- and private-sector groups to encourage small business exports and to assist small businesses seeking to export. Through 20 U.S. Export Assistance Centers, SBA district offices and a variety of service-provider partners, we direct and coordinate SBA's ongoing export initiatives in an effort to encourage small businesses going global. Learn more about SBA's Office of International Trade. 

Connect With Us

Washington Office Center 
409 3rd Street, S.W. Suite 206
Washington, DC 20416 
United States
Phone: (202) 205-6720 
Fax: (202) 205-7272 
See map: Google Maps
TTY/TTD: 800-877-8339 

Key Staff

Luz Hopewell
Deputy Associate Administrator

Jordan Valdés
Senior Advisor

Dennis Chrisbaum
Director, Trade Finance

Eugene Stewman
Director, STEP program

Madolyn Phillips
Chief, Trade and International Affairs

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