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Department of the Interior (DOI)

Compliance Contacts

Contact the following individual(s) to get more information on complying with Department of the Interior regulations:

John Strylowski
Regulatory Analyst
Office of Executive Secretary
Phone: 202-208-3071
TTY/TTD: 800-877-8339

Compliance Resources

The following agencies and offices provide compliance resources for small businesses:

National Business Center

  • GovPay Electronic Payment System
    GovPay is the electronic invoicing system online for all vendors who have received contract awards from GovWorks on behalf of the Federal government customer.

Fish and Wildlife Service

Minerals Management Service

  • MMS Outreach with Individual Indian Mineral Owners
    MMS continues its various forms of outreach with individual Indian mineral owners. The outreach is designed to resolve their royalty-related problems and to let them know how to contact us. These meetings enable us to listen to their concerns and suggestions for royalty accounting improvements, answer questions, identify and resolve mineral-related problems in partnership with BIA, BLM, and the Office of Special Trustee. Our goal is to enhance our trust responsibility and foster a positive working relationship with the Indian community.
  • MRM Federal Register Publications & Information
    Regulations governing collecting, accounting for and distributing revenues associated with mineral production from leased federal and Indian lands
  • Minerals Management Service : Small Refiner Program
    "Dear Operator" letters and notices to lessees.
  • Payment Instructions for Indian Leases
    Instructions for FEDWIRE deposit system payments.

National Park Service

Office of Surface Mining

Bureau of Reclamation

  • Reclamation Reform Act of 1982
    Provides the relevant statute and regulations pertaining to the Reclamation Reform Act (RRA). Includes RRA fact sheets, forms, and instructions, are available for download.

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