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Electric Power Industry

The electrical power industry produces and delivers power, or electricity, to businesses and consumers. Here you will find resources to help electric power producers and distributors comply with government regulations.

Electric Power

Electric Power Training Center
Offers training programs on the principles and operation of power generation and distribution equipment.

OSHA Guide to Electric Power Generation
This guide explains common occupational safety and health hazards in the workplace.

Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation Industry Profile
These resources from the EPA highlight environmental regulations for the fossil fuel electric power generation industry.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydropower Licensing and Compliance
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is responsible for licensing, compliance, safety, and inspection information related to hydropower.

Hydroelectric Projects Compliance and Licensing Information
General information regarding licensing of hydro power projects and compliance.

Related Resources

Power Marketing Administration
As part of the US Department of Energy, the Power Marketing Administration oversees and provides information on the use and distribution of excess federal power.

Power Marketers FAQs
Frequently asked questions for those involved in the Department of Energy's power marketing program.

Qualifying Facilities
Provides information on what is considered a qualifying facility to generate electric power.


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