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Starting a Business


Employment & Labor Law

Hiring your first employee or building your business team brings with it a whole new area for compliance – employment and labor law.

These laws cover everything from preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace, workplace poster requirements, wage and hour laws and workers’ compensation regulations.

The U.S. Department of Labor oversees federal employment and labor law; however, individual states also have their own specific laws. To help you understand and comply with these laws, refer to the following small business guides and resources.

  • Find out which Federal Employment Laws Apply to Your Business – This online tool from the Department of Labor – the “FirstStep Employment Law Advisor” – can help you determine which laws apply to you and how to comply.
  • State Labor Laws – Each state has its own laws with which you must comply.  This site includes links to your state labor office.
  • Browse Laws by Category – Get easy-to-understand information about a number of federal employment laws using the “eLaws” online tool from the Department of Labor.
  • Find Information by Topic Access the most commonly asked search terms and topics from the Department of Labor.
  • Employment Law Guide – This comprehensive guide describes major employment laws that impact businesses and is designed for those needing “hands-on” information to develop wage, benefit, safety and health, and nondiscrimination policies.
  • 10 Steps to Hiring your First Employee – These 10 easy steps will guide you through what you need to do when you hire your first employee.

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