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Export Success Story Videos

My U.S. Export Story—Finding Customers Around the World

Ninety-six percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States and represent two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power. U.S. companies that export enjoy business success with increased sales and profit potential. Exporting also helps businesses weather downturns in the domestic economy by being prepared to respond to foreign competition and global market trends.

SBA and Visa co-sponsored an export video contest to find the best small business success stories.  Below is a list of the winners from 2013.

(See our 2011 contest winners, as well.) 

1st Place:  Bassetts Ice Cream of Philadelphia, with "Scooping Up International Sales"

2nd Place: Rekluse of Boise, ID, with "Exporting Success"

3rd Place:  Premier Choice Inc, DBA Perfect Bite of San Jose, California with "'Fruits' of Our Labor"

4th Place:  MMIC of Johnsbury, Vermont with "MMIC What We Do"

5th Place:  CID Bio-Science of Camas, Washington with "The World and Beyond"

Where Will Your Next Customer Come From?

Small businesses looking to grow should look beyond the U.S. borders to find new customers. Learn about government resources to help you begin or expand exporting.

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