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OSDBU Directors Council

The Federal OSDBU Directors Interagency Council is a great resource for contracting officers.

The OSDBU Directors Council is an organization of federal small business program officials who: 

  • Help increase opportunities for small businesses as prime contractors as well as subcontractors

  • Explore ways that small businesses can meet annual goals and requirements for selling goods and services to the government

  • Discuss issues, strategy, and existing programs’ initiatives for ways to improve current processes

  • The OSDBU Directors Council works closely with SBA to help accomplish the goals of small business government procurement.

Mission, Tasks, and Goals of the OSDBU Directors Council

  • The OSDBU Directors Council mission is to share information among its members to help promote best practices of small businesses obtaining government contracts.
  • The OSDBU Directors Council main task is to ensure that federal agencies and prime vendors comply with laws and regulations to promote small business concerns in selling goods and services in the government.
  • Their goal is have all small businesses be aware of federal government contracting opportunities and know the rules and regulations so they obtain the contracts, and to advocate for all federal agencies to be compliant with these rules and regulations, to open the door to small business concerns.

Contact the OSDBU of a Federal Agency

If you are interested in speaking to an OSDBU Directors Council member, view the member page.


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