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Green Certification and Ecolabeling

To differentiate your product or service as environmentally sound, you may want to obtain certification from an independent, third-party so that you can include their logo or "ecolabel" on your product's label and other marketing materials. Ecolabeling is important way to market your product to green consumers.

Federal Ecolabeling and Certification Programs

  • USDA Organic: Organic certification verifies that your farm or handling facility complies with the USDA organic regulations and allows you to sell, label, and represent your products as organic.
  • USDA Biopreferred: This label is for biobased products. Biobased products are commercial or industrial products (other than food or feed) that are composed in whole, or in significant part, of biological products, renewable agricultural materials or forestry materials.
  • Energy Star: Products can earn the Energy Star label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements set forth in Energy Star product specifications.
  • Design for the Environment: The Design for the Environment label means that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in the product to ensure it meets stringent criteria.
  • WaterSense: The WaterSense label allows consumers to recognize products and programs that save water without sacrificing performance or quality.
  • EPEAT: EPEAT uses comprehensive criteria for design, production, energy use and recycling. EPEAT currently covers computers and displays; imaging equipment and television standards are currently being implemented and server standard development will continue in 2013.
  • Other Federal Green Product Programs

Non-Governmental Ecolabeling Programs

Non-governmental ecolabeling programs vary widely in their scope and stringency. Before applying to a specific ecolabel program, research the label and ensure that you understand the terminology involved.


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