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Green Commuting

One of the easiest ways to go green and save cash is to adjust your daily commute and encourage your employees to do the same.

The easiest way to go green during your commute is to avoid driving whenever possible. Many cities have improved public transportation systems and added more bike trails in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. By choosing one of these alternatives, you will save gas money while greatly reducing the size of your carbon footprint. 

If you don't have an alternative to driving, consider carpooling with a coworker or two. Sharing the ride will drastically reduce the impact on the environment. Don't forget that carpooling has plenty of other benefits as well. You'll have a shorter commute, since you and your carpooler(s) will be able to take advantage of the lanes reserved for high occupancy vehicles. You'll also have more free time during the commute when you're a passenger; you can read, rest or eat breakfast.

Final tip: Whenever possible, work from home and allow your employees to do the same. The greenest commute is no commute at all.

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