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Managing a Business


Green Marketing

If you are already competitive in terms of price, quality and performance, adding sustainability and green marketing to your business strategy may enhance your brand image and secure your market share among the growing number of environmentally concerned consumers.

Start your green marketing campaign by ensuring your green claims are credible. The Federal Trade Commission’s guidance can help you determine credibility. You can also have your product certified by a third party. Once certified, use the ecolabels from the certifying organizations to help consumers make educated choices.

Green Your Products and Services


Green Marketing Regulations

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules prohibit deceptive acts or practices in advertising, labeling, product inserts, catalogs, and sales presentations. These apply to marketing and advertising of green products. If you are making environmental claims in your advertisements, marketing collateral or product labels, you must comply with these regulations. Some states also have their own regulations regarding green marketing.

Market Research

The following resources will help you get started researching consumer attitudes and behaviors toward green products:



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