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Home-Based Business Zoning Laws

Home-based business owners are subject to many of the laws and regulations that apply to other business owners.

While home-based business zoning laws have loosened up heavily over the years, there are still some restrictions that you need to be aware of. Check with your local planning office if you are unsure whether any of the following restrictions apply to you:

Restrictions on Physical Changes to the Appearance of Your Home – Most zoning codes:

  • Prohibit exterior physical changes to the home for the purposes of conducting business
  • Prohibit outside business activities, storage, or displays
  • Restrict or prohibit signage or commercial vehicles

Traffic Restrictions – Most zoning codes:

  • Restrict the numbers of visitors to a home-based business
  • Restrict the number of employees working in the home or prohibit employees altogether
  • Restrict business parking or require that additional parking be provided

External Effects or Nuisances – Most zoning codes:

  • Restrict or prohibit nuisance impacts (e.g., noise, odors, glare)
  • Prohibit use or storage of hazardous materials

Business Activities – Many zoning codes prohibit certain types of businesses in residential areas.

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