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How soon will I know if I qualify for a loan?


That depends on how soon you file a complete SBA loan application. The SBA disaster relief program is not an immediate emergency relief program such as Red Cross assistance, temporary housing assistance, etc. It is a loan program to help you in your long-term rebuilding and repairing. To make a loan, we have to know the cost of repairing the damage, be satisfied that you can repay the loan, and take reasonable safeguards to help make sure the loan is repaid. The SBA loan application asks for the information we need. The faster you return it with all the needed information, the faster we can work on it. We try to make a decision on each complete application within seven to 21 days. Applications filed early can be completed in a much shorter time. We process applications in the order received, so file early. Be sure your application is complete; missing information is the biggest cause of delay.

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