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The HUBZone Maps

In order to qualify for the HUBZone program, your business must be located in an area designated as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone. You may determine if an address or a particular area is designated as a HUBZone by using the HUBZone Maps.




Having trouble locating an address? Follow the tips in this Geocoding Toolkit. (Working with the new Google Maps? Use this version)


The HUBZone designations were last updated on January 1, 2014. They include the following HUBZones:

                      13,635 Qualified Census Tracts (pdf) (xlsexcel icon) (grandfathered areas shp)                   
                      482 Qualified Non-metropolitan Counties  (pdf) (xlsexcel icon)
                      115 Qualified Base Closure Areas  (pdf) (xlsexcel icon)(shp)
                      618 Qualified Indian Lands (pdf) (xlsexcel icon) (shp)

If your firm's eligibility is affected by one or more locations in an off reservation trust land, please see the FAQ.

For more information, watch the HUBZone Mini-Primer on Understanding HUBZone designations and see the Designations FAQ.

HUBZone offers eligibility assistance on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3pm ET via toll free number: 1-888-858-2144 access code 3061773#. Participants influence the topics by their questions. HUBZone staff facilitates the discussion by providing the answers and introducing specific topics as time allows. This format offers the opportunity to learn how to maintain eligibility to decrease the possibility of an initial application being declined or being decertified after obtaining the HUBZone certification. If you are seeking status information, need help in resolving technical difficulties, or need individualized assistance please email or the SBA HUBZone Business Opportunity Specialist you are working with.

Additional information about the basics of HUBZone requirements can be found on our page Understanding the HUBZone Program.

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