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I have just received an export order, but my bank won't lend me money to produce the goods. What can I do?


Many companies experience an extended cash-tocash cycle on their export transactions, creating a need for additional working capital. If payment on your export transaction is reliable (i.e., letter of credit, documentary collection, credit insurance or an open account sale to a well qualified buyer) you may
qualify for a government -guaranteed working capital line of credit from your local bank. EXIM Bank (over $1.1 Million) and U.S. Small Business Administration
(under $1.1 Million) have very similar Export Working Capital guaranty loan programs. These programs guaranty 90% of a bank line of credit that can provide 100% of the working capital needed to produce goods for export. For application and program details, contact the SBA Regional Manager of International Trade at your local Export Assistance Center (www.sba.gov/oit) or Business Development staff of the nearest Regional EXIM Bank Office (www.exim.gov).