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Mining & Drilling

This section is a guide to complying with laws and regulations that apply to businesses involved in extracting naturally occurring mineral liquids, solids and gases, including coal, ores, crude petroleum, and natural gas.

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Coal Mining

  • Regulating Coal Mines
    Information on how the coal mining industry is regulated under Title V of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.
  • Coal Mine Operators and Insurance Carriers : Compliance Assistance
    The Black Lung Benefits Act requires each coal mine operator to secure the payment of its benefits liability by either qualifying as a self-insurer or by purchasing and maintaining in force a commercial insurance contract (including a policy or contract procured from a State agency).
  • Coal Mine Workers' Compensation Forms
    Online forms related to implementation of the Black Lung Benefits Act. The Act provides monthly payments and medical benefits to coal miners totally disabled from pneumoconiosis (black lung disease) arising from their employment in or around U.S. coal mines.

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Mine Safety and Health

  • MSHA Online Forms Advisor
    This Online Forms Advisor helps those involved in the mining industry fulfill their filing requirements. Allows access to MSHA forms that can be filed online or accessed and completed online.
  • MSHA Online Forms for Independent Contractors
    This Online Forms Advisor helps independent contractors in the mining industry file forms for identification numbers; accident, injury and illness reports; and quarterly mine employment and coal production reports.
  • MSHA Online Forms for Mine Operators
    This Online Forms Advisor helps mine operators file forms for identification numbers; changes in ID numbers; accident, injury and illness reports; and quarterly mine employment and coal production reports.
  • MSHA Training Plan Advisor
    This tool helps mine operators develop training plans based on the information required by federal regulations.
  • Mine Safety and Health Topic Directory
    Provides links to specific compliance information on various safety and health issues found in the mining industry, including those related to equipment, chemicals and working conditions.
  • Task Training for Mines
    An online tool that allows mines to develop adaptable training to improve the mine's production, safety, communication, and maintenance.
  • Training Surface Powered Haulage Safety in Mines
    This training material is aimed at surface haulage accident prevention, and addresses several of the hazards that may arise in surface haulage operations at mines (both metal/nonmetal and coal).

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Mineral Exploration and Extraction

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Surface Mining

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