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Mission/Contact Us

The Sacramento Loan Processing Center (SLPC) efficiently evaluates and issues guarantee commitments to eligible and creditworthy 504 loan applications. 

The Center supports and advises lenders seeking loan guarantees with Preferred Lenders Program (PLP), SBA Express, Export Working Capital Program (EWCP), GoLoan, International Trade (IT),  Premier Certified Lenders Program (PCLP) and SBA Export Express. 


Contact Us

Call Center (916) 735-1214

To E-Mail questions about 504 policies and transactions:


  • Eligibility questions (be as specific as possible)
  • Application status
  • General questions


  • Used only to transmit draft Authorizations for applications that will not be submitted via e504
  • When attached to an email please site the name of the borrower/trade name first in the subject line. If using words such as “draft”, “authorization”, etc. please use at the end of the name.


  • Submission of authorization change requests [Used for post approval/predisbursement actions] (non e504)
  • Status of change requests submitted
  • Submission of Appraisals
  • Appraisal Review Status


  • Environmental Review Status
  • Submission of Environmentals


  • Submission of Franchise/Agreements (non e504)
  • Franchise/Agreements Review Status


  • Submission of 912 preapplication clearances
  • Status of 912 clearances


  • Register to submit Alien Verifications to SLPC for expedited processing


  • For requests to streamline a file (non e504)
  • Status of file to be streamlined

e504 Support


  • Assistance with obtaining e504 accounts
  • Resolve problems with submissions


ETRANS user accounts and application submission troubleshooting for 7(a) Lenders:

For 7(a) eligibility and application review assistance, contact 7aQuestions@sba.gov