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National Disaster Loan Resolution Center (NDLRC)

The National Disaster Loan Resolution Center (NDLRC) in Santa Ana, CA was established to provide a central location to handle the portfolio of SBA disaster loans in liquidation status, and such loans are to be housed in the NDLRC (Office Code 0946). In accordance with loan centralization instructions issued by the Office of Field Operations on December 18, 2006, there should generally be no disaster loans in liquidation status in the district offices.

NDLRC contacts:

Contact someone regarding your Liquidation Loan

Requirements Letters: (Important - Read this before downloading any documents: Please do not use these forms if you have been notified by SBA or the Department of Justice (DOJ) that your loan is subject to a pending foreclosure action by SBA. If so, please contact the individual listed on the foreclosure letter. Please also be advised that, after receiving the required forms and documentation, SBA will review your request for assistance. Submission of the required documentation alone does not constitute an approval of your request. Once all documentation has been received and reviewed by SBA, a decision will be rendered and you will be notified accordingly.)