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Nonprofit Organization

A nonprofit organization uses its profit to improve its services, rather than pay dividends to investors. If your organization is registered as a nonprofit, you are eligible for certain programs including grants, government surplus and tax exemptions. We've collected links to programs and services to help nonprofits find the opportunities that are available to them from the federal government.

Grants and Financial Assistance

The following grants and financial assistance are offered to nonprofit organizations.

Access a database of all federal financial assistance programs available to nonprofits.

Obtain tax information for charities that help businesses after a disaster.

See the Circular from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that establishes principles for determining costs of grants, contracts and other agreements with nonprofit organizations.

Find a comprehensive database of federal grant opportunities.

Use the Loans and Grants Search Tool to get a full list of programs for which you might qualify.

Tax Information

This tax information will help you get your nonprofit registered by providing you with the forms you will need to fill out based on the relevance to your business.

Gives a starting point for finding all federal tax forms and information.

Links to tax forms relevant to nonprofits and other tax exempt organizations.

Explains tax requirements on income from business activities conducted that are unrelated to an exempt organization's purpose.

Discusses the rules and procedures for organizations that seek recognition of exemption from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Government Sales and Surplus

A great way to save on start-up costs is by purchasing surplus goods from the government. Just about anything you can think of that your business might need is sold by the government at or below cost or fair market value, from computers and cars to gently used medical equipment. These resources can help you find what you need.

Matches the computer needs of schools and educational nonprofit organizations with excess equipment in federal agencies.

Provides eligible public institutions and nonprofit organizations with information to acquire surplus property that the federal government no longer needs.

Offers a catalog of surplus items and real estate for sale by the federal government. Find what you need for your small business in one place, such as cars, commercial real estate, furniture, computers and office equipment.

Programs and Services

Below are programs that were designed to assist nonprofits.

Provides information for charities interested in participating in the federal government's annual workplace charity campaigns.

Gives a shortcut to information and services the U.S. Department of Labor offers to nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations.

Offers a gateway to EPA programs and services relevant to nonprofits, including grant opportunities.

Details how nonprofit organizations, authorized by the Postal Service, are eligible for additional savings on standard mail rates.


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