Policy on Non-Retaliation Against Small Businesses

    As part of its mission to create a fair, less burdensome regulatory enforcement environment for small business government wide, the Office of the National Ombudsman is working with each federal agency to establish a policy prohibiting retaliatory actions by its employees against regulated entities.
    This Notice states SBA’s policy prohibiting retaliatory action by SBA employees against any small business. If a small business requests Ombudsman assistance or otherwise questions or complains about SBA regulatory or enforcement actions, requirements, or policies, the agency will not retaliate.
    The SBA has important responsibilities to small businesses in carrying out its mission to protect, promote, and enhance the role of small business in the Nation’s economy and is committed to maintaining an environment in which small businesses are free to challenge SBA regulatory or enforcement actions, requirements, and policies without fear of retaliation.
    The SBA takes allegations of retaliation very seriously and will thoroughly investigate any allegation of retaliation and take appropriate corrective action. The SBA supports the policy of referring all allegations of threats or retaliation against small businesses to the Inspector General and/or to the appropriate Management Board Member. Any retaliatory action taken by an SBA employee against a small business will be dealt with according to SBA policy and regulations, including 13 CFR Sections 105.206 and 208. The contents of this Notice will be made available to the public on the Web site of the Office of the National Ombudsman.

Karen G. Mills


National Ombudsman and Assistant Administrator

Brian Castro was appointed National Ombudsman and Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Enforcement Fairness at the U.S. Small Business Administration in August 2013.

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