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Managing a Business


Prioritizing Energy Efficiency Projects

You may wonder, "Where should I start?" Do I replace one piece of equipment or system at a time? Or, should I do a comprehensive upgrade of my entire facility? The answer will vary depending on each individual business' situation. The age of your current equipment and facility systems, your type of business, your local utility rates, your hours of operation, and your access to capital are all key factors in what level of upgrade makes business sense. One place to start is with low-cost and no-cost changes such as those listed in the Energy Saving Tips section of this guide.

If cash flow is an issue, you may want to wait until a piece of equipment or system fails or is a certain number of years old before replacing it with an energy-efficient model. However, if you are building a new facility or doing a major remodel, you should incorporate energy-efficient upgrades into your design due to the lower incremental cost of "doing it right the first time." For an existing facility, it may come down to what is financially feasible for your business at a particular time. Ask your contractor if they can assist you in prioritizing your energy-efficiency projects.

In addition, the following resources may be helpful to you:

Includes tools such as the ENERGY STAR Cash Flow Opportunity Calculator.


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