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Managing a Business


Resources for Doing Business Abroad

Conducting business abroad may entail frequent international travel to visit prospective business partners. Likewise, business partners may come to the U.S. to work with you. The following resources will help you find and authenticate paperwork you and your overseas business partners may need for traveling.

Resources for Doing Business Abroad

  • International Travel Resources, Tips and Advisories
    Provides must-read resources if you are planning to go overseas to conduct business. Country-specific resources include current travel advisories, tips for international travel and document requirements.

  • International Business FAQs
    Lists answers to frequently asked questions about doing business abroad, facilitating overseas investment, trade restrictions and assisting foreign companies.

  • Department of State Office of Authentications
    Outlines the Department of State's Authentications Office, which is responsible for signing and issuing certificates under the Seal of the U.S. Department of State.  The Authentications Office also verifies business documents that will be used overseas, including company bylaws, powers of attorney, trademarks, diplomas, transcripts, distributorship agreements, articles of incorporation, good standing certificates, home studies and letters of reference. The Office also ensures that the requested information will serve in the interest of justice and is not contrary to U.S. policy.

  • Guidelines for Foreign Business Travel
    Offers guidelines for exporters, or those thinking of selling abroad. These individuals often visit foreign countries to research market conditions and understand cultural nuances. This checklist, including information ranging from "A Basic Guide" to exporting, details the required steps you should take when traveling abroad, and some practical tips as well.

  • Passports
    Supplies information and services to American citizens who need to obtain, replace or change a passport.


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