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Twitter Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The official Website of the U.S. Small Business Administration is SBA is using the third-party site Twitter as a means to connect and engage with members of the public and share information about SBA in a different format that may be useful or interesting.

If you have any questions, concerns or need additional information, please contact SBA by phone or e-mail:
SBA Answer Desk: 1-800-U-ASK-SBA (1-800-827-5722)
Send e-mails to:
Answer Desk TTY: (704) 344-6640
Representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions in English and Spanish.

Because members of the public may mention or tweet about SBA (@SBAgov), SBA cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by others on this site or any other linked site. Using this third-party site does not constitute an endorsement by SBA or any of its employees of the sponsors of the site or the information or products presented on the site. Please be aware that the privacy protection provided on social media and third-party sites that are not a part of the domain may not be the same as the SBA Privacy Policy. For practical tips about protecting your personal information online, visit

SBA does not use this site to actively seek personally identifiable information (PII). While users may have been required to submit some PII when registering to use this tool, SBA will not solicit or collect this PII. SBA does not have access to, and will not seek, your registration information unless the information used during registration pre-populates a public profile when interacting with SBA, or if the privacy settings you select allow this display. SBA will only collect information posted to this page that is necessary for the proper performance of official agency functions (ex: responding to a request for information).

Please note, information posted on this site is available to the general public. To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, do not include your full name, phone numbers, email addresses, social security number, case numbers or any other sensitive PII in your tweets.

Posted tweets that mention SBA (@SBAgov) do not necessarily represent the views of SBA. External, non-SBA links attached to tweets that mention SBA (@SBAgov) do not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the SBA.

We understand that social media is a 24/7 medium; however, our moderation capabilities are not. We may not see every tweet right away, and we are trusting in the maturity of our community to ignore personal attacks and negative speech or respond politely.

Please contact if you have any questions about this comment policy.

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