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Search below by State, Zip code, or SBA District Office to find SBA lenders in your area.  Discover the size and types of loans that are being provided, then contact one of the Lender Relations Specialists listed to discover how you can get started.


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Loan Data Search Results by District Office

Lender Less than $50K $50K to $350K $350K to $5M Revolver Type
No. of Loans
No. of Loans
No. of Loans
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico683$14,462,400250$37,241,30021$16,492,200 Y N
Banco Santander Puerto Rico135$2,905,800103$14,632,3006$3,360,000 Y N
Economic Development Bank for18$745,30057$9,318,40011$8,334,900 N N
FirstBank Puerto Rico37$1,008,10036$4,963,5005$5,508,800 Y N
Live Oak Banking Company 0 $0 0 $0 6$9,700,000 N N
Oriental Bank25$854,90044$6,947,800 0 $0 Y N
Scotiabank de Puerto Rico61$1,507,0007$665,000 0 $0 Y N
Celtic Bank Corporation3$115,0006$720,000 0 $0 N N
Independence Bank 0 $0 2$300,000 0 $0 N N
Bank of Nova Scotia 0 $0 1$250,000 0 $0 N N
Umpqua Bank5$235,000 0 $0 0 $0 N N

This data represents loan volume from FY 2012 to July 2014.

S = SBA Express Revolver, C = CAPLine Revolver

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