OHA Decisions

This page will help you search for an OHA decision which may have similar factual or legal questions to those in your appeal. These decisions serve as OHA precedent in interpreting laws and regulations. You may cite these decisions in your appeal to show the Judge that your interpretation of a law or regulation is correct, or that your case is similar to the one before the Judge and should be decided the same way.

DISCLAIMER: We publish these decisions on the Internet only as a convenience to the public. Due to the formatting limitations of HTML, the page numbering, line endings, and spacing of the Internet versions will differ from the original decisions signed by the Judges. Further, we have scanned many decisions from copies, so they may contain errors in the content. If there is any discrepancy between the original signed decision and the Internet version, the original signed version governs. Please contact OHA by e-mail oha@sba.gov if you notice any errors. Please note that SBA has revised its regulations several times, so some legal principles set out in prior OHA decisions may have been superseded. Among the more important changes, SBA revised part 121 (size regulations) and part 134 (OHA's regulations) in 1996, and part 124 (8(a) and SDB regulations) in 1998. These revisions also involved renumbering regulatory sections.  SBA also revised parts 121, 124, and 134 in 2002.  In 2004, SBA made many revisions to parts 121 and 134.