Loans & Grants

When you have decided that your business idea is practical, you have some important decisions to make. Follow the links and information below for additional information.

  • Small Business Loans
    Most small businesses rely on lenders to provide the capital they need to either open a business or to finance capital improvements. Without loans, many small business owners would be unable to realize their dreams of opening a business or ...
  • Grants
    Unlike business loans, grants have the advantage of not having to be repaid. However, grant funding is generally restricted to very specific audiences, and the use of grant funding is often subject to specific conditions, with strict reporting ...
  • Bonds
    Bonds represent a unique funding opportunity for small business owners. Any bond offering made by your small business should be carefully reviewed by an attorney. The topics in this article will acquaint you with the types of bonds that are ...
  • Other Financial Assistance
    As a small business owner, you are wise to explore every possible avenue of financial assistance. For example, your business idea may spark the interest of a private investor willing to fund it with independent venture capital.