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Strategic Solutions Group

Strategic Solutions Group

The Strategic Solutions Group, (SSG) (www.ssg-llc.com) is a woman-owned business located on 555 Amory Street, Boston, Massachusetts.  SSG has a strong customer base within both the public and private sectors and has been in business since 2003.  Jennifer Graves and John Schaeffer are the co-presidents and since 2008 the company has grown from 3 to 40 team members, with revenues increasing by 500%.

SSG is a service business which provides value-driven IT and management consulting services to healthcare, public health and public safety organizations. Whether enabling meaningful use of Health Information Exchange, or building immunization registries, disease surveillance systems, alerting networks and resource management systems, SSG has made significant contributions to help protect and improve the health of our fellow citizens.

On September 12, 2011, Boston’s SCORE Chapter 20 office awarded Strategic Solutions Group the 2011 SCORE Small Business of the Year Award at their annual meeting. 

A very successful business, SSG first approached the Boston SCORE office in September 2009 seeking guidance in planning and executing strategies for future growth.  SCORE conducted joint counseling whereby two counselors – one with marketing/operations experience and a second with an information technology background - met regularly with SSG principals.

Jennifer Graves had this to say about the SCORE organization:

“After listening to all the advice, expertise and wisdom that our SCORE counselors provide, we walk away from our meetings more confident in our plans and our decisions.  Courage, passion and execution are essential for us – our SCORE counselors are an outlet and sounding board which fuel all three.”

SCORE provides a regular review of all SSG’s operations and planning.  It gives SSG an experienced advisory arm with an independent view of SSG’s activities and results, coupled with ongoing guidance about how to maximize their opportunities while managing the risks inherent in their growth strategy.