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Centralized 7(a) Submission Instructions

Standard 7(a) Guaranty Application Submission Instructions

Version: March 27, 2010

Loan packages should be sent to the following:

Fax to: either 606-435-2400 (Hazard) or 916-735-1975(Citrus Heights)

Mail or FedEx to:
262 Black Gold Blvd.
Hazard, Kentucky 41701
6501 Sylvan Rd.
Ste 122
Citrus Heights, California 95610

Email to: 7aloanprogram@sba.gov if attachments are under 5 megabytes OR
Attaching documents at ‘Submit 7a Loan Documents Here' link on our webpage

If you have any questions call your local field office or at 877-475-2435 or email us at 7aquestions@sba.gov

  1. Please complete the 7(a) Eligibility Questionnaire, which can also be found on the LGPC’s website. If you believe the applicant may be ineligible, please contact the Center for guidance before requesting your applicant to complete the Form 4 Application.

  2. Please use the 7(a) Guaranty Application Submission Checklist that follows on page three below to guide you when preparing the required documents. Please submit a copy with loan application package.

  3. Where business assets are not sufficient to adequately collateralize the loan, please refer to page 176 of SBA’s SOP 50 10 (5)(A), Subpart B, Chapter 4, Paragraph II “Collateral.”

  4. Please be sure all sections of the application are completed. Lender contact person(s) name(s) with fax numbers and email addresses are especially appreciated.

  5. We suggest submitting the following forms to the appropriate Agencies as early in the application process as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays in the application process: IRS Form 4506-T, Form 912 Statement of Personal History, and Form G-845.

  6. SBA expects Lenders to maintain a complete file, including copies of all required SBA forms.

  7. The authorization identifies when the guaranty fee is due and payable. Extension of the disbursement period does not extend the guaranty fee due date.

  8. Dealer Floor Plan applications please indicate the following:

    • SBA Form 4: under Inventory Purchase on page 1 that it is floor plan inventory

    • SBA Form 4-I: in Conditions of Lender box- whether the floor plan is for New or Used , what the advance rate* will be and what source of valuation is: Manufacturer’s Invoice, Kelly Blue Book Wholesale, NADA etc.

    • SBA Form 4 Schedule A, page 2: If this sheet is not sufficient to delineate the inventory collateral – indicate ‘see attached’ on the form and attach copies of lender’s normal floor plan inventory sheets.

    • Advance Rate (AR): Formula (SBA allowable AR x .75) / AR used by lender = Allowable Guaranty % Example: (80% x .75) / 100% = 60%

  9. Submit all requests for changes in the terms and conditions of a loan or for an administrative change (such as name, address, etc.) within seven (7) days of approval to the LGPC. The LGPC forwards files to the appropriate Commercial Loan Service Center seven (7) days after approval and booking, unless it is being held for appraisal or environmental review. Any change requests submitted after 7 days must be submitted to the appropriate Commercial Loan Service Center.

View the 7(a) Guaranty Application Submission Checklist.