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Office of Capital Access

Office of Capital Access

Mission Statement

The Office of Capital Access' mission is to assist small businesses in obtaining the loans necessary for growth by being a gap lender, providing assistance to small businesses that would otherwise would not qualify for un-guaranteed financing, obtaining equity, or taking advantage of procurement opportunities.

Office Spotlight

Streamlining 7(a) Small Loans

SBA is streamlining the processing of loans under 350,000 to reduce the costs of delivery. Loans under 350,000, known as 7(a) Small Loans can now utilize the SBA credit score. The score uses a complex model including consumer and business credit bureau data. If the Borrower has an acceptable score, the lender can them complete the reduced underwriting steps to obtain the guarantee.  This...

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About Our Office

The mission of the Office of Capital Access (OCA) is to expand access to capital among small businesses—particularly those that might not otherwise obtain financing. The office does so through a network of programs and services that make capital...

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