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Press Releases

Press Releases provide the public with information on significant activity of the Office of Inspector General. The Office of Inspector General presents evidence of wrongdoing for both criminal and...
Date Title
July 2, 2014 Edgewater, Maryland Man Sentenced To 42 Months In Prison For Defrauding SBA And IRS Of More Than $7 Million
June 27, 2014 Prison Sentences and over $500,000 in fines for Contractor who bribed the “Godfather” of camp Pendleton
May 13, 2014 Summary:  Former Army Contracting Official Indicted on Federal Charges In Bribery and Kickback Scheme
May 1, 2014 Summary:  Woman Guilty of Obstructing Investigation of $1.8 Million Fraud Against Failed La Jolla Bank
May 1, 2014 Summary:  Two Business Owners Indicted In Alleged Wire Fraud Conspiracy To Fraudulently Obtain More Than $1.8 Million In Government Contracts Under The SBA’s 8(A) Program
April 30, 2014 SUMMARY:  Maryland Owner Of Loan Brokerage Firms Indicted On Fraud Charges
March 28, 2014 Summary:  Edgewater, Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding SBA Disadvantaged Small Business Program and IRS
March 21, 2014 Summary:  Utah Construction Company to Pay Government to Settle Alleged False Claims in Connection with Program for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses
April 9, 2014 Summary:  Edgewater, Maryland Woman Pleads Guilty To Scheme To Defraud The IRS
April 8, 2014 Summary:  Purchaser and Seller in Loan Fraud Scheme are Sentenced