2008 National Regulatory Fairness Hearing
OMB Live Hearing

Each year a series of public regulatory fairness hearings are held around the country. These hearings are usually chaired by the National Ombudsman and regional board members and attended by officials from various federal regulatory agencies. During the hearings, small business owners have an opportunity to testify in person, presenting their concerns about unfair practices or burdensome policies imposed on them by federal agencies, without fear of retaliatory action. Business owners also have the option of submitting their comments in writing to the National Ombudsman.

The Office of the National Ombudsman at the U.S. Small Business Administration hosted its second national regulatory fairness hearing in Washington D.C. on March 12. This event, which was held at the Environmental Protection Agency’s East Building, gave leaders from business organizations and trade associations an opportunity to comment on unfair or excessive federal regulatory enforcement that impacts their members and small businesses nationwide.

View the March 12 broadcast of the hearing:


Witness Testimony - Part 1

Witness Testimony - Part 2

For more information on the national hearing, contact Christina Marinos in the Office of the National Ombudsman at christina.marinos@sba.gov, or by phone at (202) 401-8254.  To learn more about the Office of the National Ombudsman, visit the Web site at archive.sba.gov/ombudsman.


National Ombudsman and Assistant Administrator

Brian Castro was appointed National Ombudsman and Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Enforcement Fairness at the U.S. Small Business Administration in August 2013.

When small businesses...

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