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Office of International Trade: Massachusetts

Office Information:

Massachusetts Export Initiative (MEI)
Massachusetts Marketing Partnership
10 Park Plaza, Suite 4510
Boston, MA    02216


Mr.  Derek Lennon
617 788-3664

Authorized Representative:

Ms.  Elizabeth Steele
Acting Executive Director
617 830-5400

Federal Funding: $720,856


The STEP program works with the Massachusetts Export Initiative and involves a group of programs that provide benefits directly to small businesses in the state of Massachusetts. A program managed by the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI) will provide funding directly to small businesses to fund initiatives that they determine will increase their exporting activities. Additionally, Massachusetts has created an international buyer’s program for medical devices as it is the second largest exporter of medical devices in the country. Finally, the development of a Free Trade Fund will provide fundings to small businesses on a rolling basis so they can take advantage of “real time” opportunities in “free trade agreement” countries.